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Andrew Koppejan, PT, MScPT, BBA
Andrew Koppejan, PT, MScPT, BBA

Led by a Clinician Passionate About Impact

Clinical Marketing is run by Andrew Koppejan, a practicing physiotherapist, community builder and digital marketer.

Andrew received his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. He has been practicing as a physiotherapist for ten years. Prior to this, Andrew held various positions in marketing and business development leading branding and marketing initiatives.

In addition to his clinical work, Andrew launched an online community of practice for physiotherapists which now has over 3,500 registered members within Canada. He also co-hosts a podcast on practice management and improvement for health professionals.

He also has written a book for clinicians on sleep health called Go To Bed: The Clinician's Handbook for Understanding Sleep.

Andrew is passionate about the intersection between patient care, engagement and communications and loves working with clinicians and patients to improve healthy function.

Our company is dedicated to improving healthcare impact through:

Community of Practice


With over 3,500 members, this community of practice supports Canadian physiotherapists improve their practice through collaborative knowledge sharing. 

Sleep Education & Resources

Sleep Health Matters

Discover a practical, concise handbook for clinicians on sleep health. Also available is a clinical toolkit to help educate patient on sleep science and more. 

Innovation & Impact

New Product Development

We're excited about some new projects we're working on to improve healthy living for patients and healthcare professionals. You can learn more by visiting our website. 

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