6 Reasons Why Every Healthcare Clinic Should be Blogging More Than Ever

As a healthcare clinic/medical practice owner you may be wondering whether blogging is even worth it given the growth of social media networks over the past few years. You may be struggling to better understand where to put your time and effort with your clinic marketing and you want to make sure that you’re putting your resources into something that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. 

In this article, I’ll share with you 6 reasons why blogging should be a central component of your clinic marketing. But let me be clear. I’m not talking about boring, generic blog posts that would make your patients fall asleep. I’m talking about blog posts that are informative, personal, easy to read and  helpful. 

In this article, I share six reasons why blogging should be an important part of your clinic marketing plan. And don’t worry, I’ll share with you how social media marketing can work with your blogging to maximize your results at the end of the article. 

6 Reasons Why Health Care Clinics Should Blog

#1: Clinic Blogging Gives You an Opportunity to Educate Your Patient Audience

As a health care provider, you have a lot of valuable information regarding movement, and health and wellness that people want to learn about. Your blog can be an excellent vehicle to educate your current, past and potentially new patients about important health information. Gone are the days of boring anatomy articles with small font sizes and grainy images. People are looking for engaging content that helps improve their understanding and solve a problem they’re experiencing.

#2: Clinic Blogging Helps Build Your Authority & Trust

By providing valuable, practical information to your readers, your blog is an opportunity to build authority and trust with your readers. It’s important to remember that patients need to build enough trust with you as a healthcare provider and your clinic brand to take the step in seeing you for the problem they’re wanting solved. As well, writing a blog in a personal tone, helps your audience to connect with you and your practitioners. Getting your patient audience comfortable with your clinic brand will go a long ways to supporting their journey in deciding who to go and see. 

As Alexander Santo from marketing consultancy Brafton stated: 

“If a blog can provide value before it asks something of a reader, it will be successful. Even if the reader declines to take action, they will have a better opinion of the brand that published the content. Over time, readers that benefit from a brand’s content will be more likely to return. Desirable blog readers need time to get to know your brand before they’ll convert to a client or customer.1

#3: You Have Content to Share on Social

Do you ever struggle with knowing what to share on your social media accounts? Although posting news stories and other links can be useful at times, you’re ultimately missing an opportunity to drive your social audience to your clinic website where they can now explore your services and clinician team. 

#4: Your Clinic Blog Content Lasts Longer 

Your blog, residing on your clinic website is something you own and stays accessible as long as your website is open to the public. Regardless of the changes that happen on a social network, your blog content can work hard for you for a number of years. It’s not something that will disappear in the constantly evolving world of social media platforms. 

Your blog ensures you have a solid and long-lasting platform to host your content, in contrast to the shorter window of hours or several days of being visible on social media. Newsfeeds require constant reposting to ensure that people will see your content. It’s easy to get lost in the noise of social media activity.

#5: Clinic Blogging Protects You From Social Media Platform Changes

Social media platforms can be a great place to increase your clinic brand’s visibility and connect with potential patients in a very personal way. However, social media platform’s shouldn’t be your primary channel of communication. Why you ask? Because social platforms have a frequent habit of changing their algorithms, resulting in changes to how effectively you can reach people.

Anyone just needs to look at the organic reach of Facebook posts over the past few years to understand what I’m saying. 

#6: Clinic Blogging Helps Power Your Search Results

Blogging is still the time-tested method to improving your search results with search engines such as Google and Bing. When you search for something in Google, you’ll notice you won’t see an Instagram post or a Facebook post come up. You’ll see web pages including blog content show up in the search results. With the right approach of using links between blog posts and the rest of your clinic website, you’ll strengthen the overall ranking performance of your website. 

Marketing company HubSpot did an informal review of their business customers and found that companies who blogged had 55% more website visitors and significant improvements in other key search engine ranking (inbound links, indexed pages).2

Where Does Social Media Marketing Fit In With Blogging? 

Before we wrap up this article about medical practice blogging, you may be asking about social media and where it fits into the mix. Marketing your practice without engaging in social media means you’re really missing out where people are focusing their attention and spending their time. But it’s important to remember that it’s not an ‘either / or’ scenario. Social networks can be a great way to connect personally with your patient audience, but they have limitations as mentioned above. 

Social platforms can be a great way to promote your blogging content and start conversations about the content you’ve created with your audience. 

Social platforms have in many ways transformed the traditional blogging experience. Twitter is considered a micro-blogging platform and Facebook gives the opportunity to write longer posts. As social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk has stated:

“Blogging is not dead. It’s as alive as ever. Blogging has simply morphed and changed into a much broader category where blog creation, and the question to where you should be starting a blog, is very different.”3 

As a medical practice, social media marketing should work in tandem with creating valuable blog content on your practice website. 

In Conclusion

This post has highlighted the significant benefits of blogging for healthcare clinics. Are there any additional reasons we missed? Let us know in the comments.



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